Friday, May 23, 2008

Y must all these stuffs happen n happen again?

i mean..

how can love b so cruel to some1?

lucky i nv fall in any trap.

My fren's fren.. now. my fren must b sad.

smsed with him.. but it doesnt seem to help at all..

i mean. i duno what to sae.

but i got a feeling he is really v.down becos of it.


i just cant get used to sad stuffs ard me~

i hope he get better. really..

he said i m his cheerful girl.. hope i really can make him more cheerful~

=)!! smile smile! hehe

and my two gd fren.

WHATS wrong ah! tot u 2 ok le.. n yet..


i m like stuck in the middle again..

my job can only listen to all ur probs..

hope u 2 can get over quickly ok?

no more suffering.. happily ever after.

treasure it...

its doesnt come easy. =)

for me~ i still prefer single..


not to play ard or wat la..

jus still cant commit~ lol

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