Wednesday, May 21, 2008

someone ask me.
"eh you forever so cheerful and happy de ah?'
den i replied
" of cos~ karen leh~"

den i m thinking
" stupid question. whr got ppl 4evr so cheerful n happy? siao"

HA HA HA!!! lol...

den now.. the someone ask me
" eh u forever like to bluff ppl de ah?"
den i replied
"eh.. cannot be helped la.. KAREN LEH~"

den i m thinking
" u so stupid. i dun bluff u i bluff hu?"


this happened on alot ppl LA~ lol

duno leh. i jus love to bluff ppl.. see their reactions..
told them dun believe me.. but they dun heed my advice.

HAHA.. i m childish la.. watever u sae~
i ADMIT! hahhahas...

but guilty ah.. trust me so much..
den i still bluff u! HAHA!
but ur reaction like KIDS MA! LOL!!!

no choice.. i will continue bluff ppl de.

ok.. todae went back sch for erm.. 1hr? LOL
meet wenbin 12 at bus stop.. den andy was there..
he saw me.. den he walk to me..
den we talk awhile
n CHEE WEN BIN bluff me! he sae he in toilet
cos we agree on.. late one treat drink.
Come on la.. the toilet thing is i bluff u de leh..
now u wan bluff me back think i stupid ah? LOL

so.. he treated me drink. THANKS AH! lol

walked to convention.. shiuanx2 all there le.
vincent HONG ZA BOR oso there. lol..
den bought the stuffs lo..
den chit chat chit chat..

den some ppl ah.. wan play wif me.. but hai!
sae buy 75 sasuage roll..but buy 5 only~
liar is liar..

n most idiot is . vincent hong bluff me that it is nt sasuage.
it is scallop..
den i bite.. straight away face turn black.
i wan puke lol..
den i jus pui on vincent. lol.
serve him right! bluff ME! nv die b4.. lol...

den wenbin go n meet some1. I NOE HU! HAHAHS
u better treat me well.. if nt.. HE HE HE!
dare me? LOL

den i board bus 1st. YEAH! lol cos weather damn hot.
lucky the bus is cold de. lol.
den idiot binbin in 52. he still turn back see me
tot i nv saw ah! ben dan. lol..

den in bus. hais.. i so ke lian.
i finish the comics le.. but still read n read. LOL.
read until can memorise liao. lol.
den slp. lol

airen n baby todae go Sing K rite?
i nv go. sure nv high de! LOL!
u all got high anot? lol!
u all sae got. i kill u 2! LOL

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