Thursday, May 01, 2008

as in..
in love wif one another y must b together?
ok.. m i stupid or wat?

but.. i duno..
I m easily overjoy by ppl words..
Like when i noe how impt i m to anyone.
or when i noe some1 care abt me..
or even when i noe some1 is out there for me.
waiting for my sms..
waiting for my replys..
waiting for me to talk to him..

when i nt feeling well..
will come over.

all these will brighten up my days.

but i knew! i just knew.. many things wont last....
so i dun dare to pin to much hope on anything related to Relationship.

Feelings FADE! this is the most scary part.
dont u ppl think so?

Y i suddenly liddat?

cos my 2 gd frens who r couples..
now on the verge of breaking.
they r always so sweet with one another..

when mention abt one another.
both of them bring a smile on the face..
face red red [shy]
but now ?

How long can a couple last?

everytym i will ask..
"if me n u really together. how long u think we can last?"

some sae " dun ask. cos it will b forever"
i will definately happy at the moment!
i swear.! i will smile.. i will b super touch.

but think twice. " IS IT TRUE? 4ever?"

Even a old married couple get sick of one another.
Young couple?
mayb 1 week? 1 mth? 1 yr?
who noes.!

dun giv empty promises if u cant!

Now my fren is so sad abt this!
SEE WAT R/S can bring to a man..
it just so scary..
so dun love n u dun get hurt.

n of cos vice versa.
dun love n u wont get loved.

Couples nt only love~
but committment!
how many actually can do dat?

r u sure if a super hot n pretty girl walk pass u..
u wont even take a look?
i doubt so!

even me..
i oso will look at pretty girls or hot guy.

NO1 is actually faithful to anyone.
Stop bullshitting abt love to me~
it wont work!

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