Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photos time with darling boy.

Some quality time spent together. Although he will keep scroll his phone/laptop and ignore me. worst.. he got his cookie monster. ignore me x100000 times. hahahaha. but i always beat his high score~ 

lalalallaal. hahahaha

force him to take some pictures with me so i can change my desktop display pic. haha. 

love him to bits even thou he always bully me by tickling me. HUMPH! 

heres some picture of us~ haha

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Applied leave and went Klang wit my parents to attend my cousin have been a while I visit them.

I wanted to drive but my dad was freaking out just by hearing that I want So I spared him. Haha

Long journey there cos we went the wrong route. I helped out abit and watch how they prank the groom. Its my.first tym attending cousin wedding! Haha.

       Dad and i got bored. And we walked      

                ard to take photos.

Mama n me! 
I realised i dont havE the bride photOs! Itd with her! But heresmy two big cousins.

Im very happy to see them actuslly! Bring back all
my memories! 

Monday, February 03, 2014

Bintan Spa Villa

Bintan trip with love

We planned an improdmptu short trip to bintan. We bought from groupon for this package. We were so dumb, we didn't know after buying e coupon we could actually booked from lokopoko's website. We went down to the agency itself to book. Haha.

Well, the staff assisted us to settle all our bookings. We waited impatiently to our trips, how we wished we could travel immediately! Haha.

We did not change much of rupiah as we heard that our resort use mostly Sing dollar. So we changed $100 just in case the information was not accurate. From $100, we had ard $20 plus left at e very end.

Early morning we took train to bedok and took a bus to the ferry terminal (I forgot which sbs bus no). We went to the counter to collect our ferry tickets and went for breakfast.

The journey was ard 2hrs and we reached bintan with staff wearing pink polo tee waiting for us. We went for city tour, temple visit and followed by lunch.

We bought some groceries here. 
Our lunch was ayam penYat
Our room was quite spacious 
Our view from our balcony! So beautiful!!
Spoiler for mY photo! Haha

The bbq pAckage.
We went for the fireflies trip! 
this trip is a must go! Besides firelies, i saw shooting stars! 
End of trip lo! . Will.go.agn! The staffs were super friendly! The boss too. 
We r planning to go agn soon! Haha.