Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Todae is like a GAME DAy in class. LOL...
Basically presentation we r doin our own works..
no1 actually pay attention to wat u r talking...

But when u said sth wrong.
everyone suddenly became v.alert. n luff at u! lol.
pro hor! multitask leh!

den todae presentation
i dun dare to sae " WRAP UP "
i scare later pronounce wrongly oso duno LOL.
so i skipped.. den wenbin n vin keep look at me..
trying to distract me!
but hellO! i m karen leh..
wont so easily distracted de..! no MISTAKE!
*clap clap for karen*

den jessica! HAHAHAS
PRELIMINARY! she cannot sae out! hahahhas..
den dear n sweetie keep luff! EVIL AH!

den Access.. i paying attention ok!
nv slp! hahas.. asked qns~ lol

PM which is after lunch! hahahaas..
Fun part.
I damn slpy.. hahahs.. n lappy no batt.. so cannot on...

den later dear charge le pass me!
den we all MASS GAME! we PLAYED CS!
damn fun la the game map..
its all v.v.v tiny ppl..
den when u space. it nt jump! it FLY! LOL
but they idiot make the gravity..
so everytym i jump i die! LOL...
den change map..
left me alone haven die..
wif another opponent..
den they keep shout at me! i damn panick la!
i scare die! den they shout " KAREN STAY THERE STAY!"
den some sae " DUN STAY!! GO INTO THE TUNNEL!"
den i shout out la! "AH!!! AH!!! AH!!!!"
hahahs.. but still die! LOL

den walk to another class.. all keep shout! damn loud..
The stair got echo de ma..
den so many ppl shout! damn noisy! hahahas

DEN CA! hahaha. the lec talk den out of tune
den he duno wat to click
Andy pekcek wif him..

den 5 le..
wa.. vin run sia!
cos busstop sure alot ppl...
den we ran to the lift.
4 of us..
Audrey , Vincent Yuemin n me!
den reach ground flr..
we "open numberS" lose one b CATCHER!
we play catching..
den vin lose..
den we RUN AH!!!
down the car park slope..den stop.. we all.. no breathe!
laptop n bag heavy leh!
den "open number" again
Audrey turn..
den audrey shout " KAREN~~"
wa.. at the moment i wan knee down..
hahahahahahs y?
cos i suddenly v.scare of her voice.
i dun wan b catcher..
leg wobble! LOL...

den we all reach 56 den stop le
we old leh! hahahs..
den go bus stop.. hahahahs
FUN AH! lol

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