Thursday, May 15, 2008

OK mood change! hehehe..

todae woke up..
whoa.. feverish feeling..
v.long dun hav this feeling le.. hahaha..
but told myself " must go sch.. must!"
den i go brush teeth lo..
gd girl rite?

den as usual meet vin..
den saw dear n jess..
den meet wenbin
took the form.. den go class..

saw jon on the way...
den sebas..
den saufi..
its frens gathering! lol....

attend CA..
den another CS tym.. lol
fun la!
but wenbin play with himself only
we all busy copy notes.. den he faster go find us n keep kill!
hais! useless! lol..

we ate den go play CS again...
n dear she nth do!
den go spam my tagboard
BUT I DELETE LE!!! hahahhahas...

u this audrey lee spamer! LOL...

went to chit chat wif max lam..
He damn funny like usual...
make all of us luff...
he mention he todae no car..
den he took bus
he felt like he has been rape! lol!
den sae the wind blow blow blow..
den like those old movies! HAHAHAHS
damn funny...

den chit chat awhile
den me n audrey go 1st le...
den she suddenly shout
den got ECHO LA!
damn loud pls! paiseh! hahahhash

den reach home..
whoa.. high tea wif my laogong..
den go slp le!
pig ma karen~ lol...
den 10 woke up.. hais

tml still got the idiot lesson! ARGH!!!
suffer ah karen..
cannot show u r angry ok...

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