Saturday, May 03, 2008

Todae is SAT! lol
slpt kinda early ytd. couldnt take it. hahas.
my bed keep seduce me. HAHAS
bull shit! lol..

Todae wenbin,shar,vincent,saufi,shiuanx2 n all went SENTOSA!
pray hard all of them SUN BURNT!
evil FRIDAE! lol
let them noe how powerful the sun is!

i dun wan get tan.. i wan fair fair! hahahas...
n go sentosa sure SWEAT n DIRTY!
no special occasion i dun wan go! lol.

Chuanseng sae wan go dinner leh.. duno he got go anot
if he got go.. PLS PLS PLS
let him fall down.. den no1 help him...
den every1 spit saliva on him! HAHAHS

idiot wenbin sae wan go drink..
make me happy.. lol..
den ask dumbo along. but dumbo got plan la.
super busy man ah! lol..

n in e end Vincent hong dun wan go.
so cancel. oso gud la
i wed 4am reach
mama nt happy le
so mama saw me at home so happy! hahahs.

todae went dad office la..
i love the feeling.
like one family jia you together to finish something! so fun!

todae dad gd mood ah.
normally reach office his face sure black
den mum sae " i think ur dad in love wif u.. always got u ard.. he will b joker~"
nt gd meh? hahas
den i cut this.. cut that.. sent goods..
den i fall aslp. TIRED AH! lol.
den help dad silk screen the gift.. den help him wash
if not ah.. his hand all black black.
n i smart wear glove.. so sae NO to black~ok no shar. ok RACIST AH!

Cos tonite nv go drink rite?
den dad sae he drink wif me! hahas
okok so BRB ah!

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