Friday, May 09, 2008

OK.. change mood! hehe..
i change mood de..
Mention tat i wont blog for a few days rite
but frens keep nag ah..
LOl.. like mr. saufi. can sae out rite? hahas..
like mr ngan sunhong. hahas..
like Mr Samuel.
like Mr.Kenneth
like Sweetie

okok i blog le! yeah sweetie can read liao! haha

OK! happy stuffs.. alot alot!
but cant rmb. LOL.
only rmb! someone passed me LOLLIPOP! WOOHOO!
suddenly like lollipop so much. duno y. cos can last long la! LOL

ok n duno y Mr loh wai tuck lesson i wan slp
i normally v. enthu in his lesson but recently i wan slp..

n den.. audreylee nth do.. so she took foto of me "HARDWORKING" hahas

See.. i so hardworking. teacher teaching i msning lol

This is my LOVE RING! lol. so gan dong. The guy tat made this for me is behind my hand.

can guess hu? HEHEHE~

Close up! hahas. its a heart~ can see? LOl

n its recycle! HAHAHAS

eh the mr.ring guy i still got keep the ring leh! hahas.. but no worry i wont show ur gf. LOL

OK. when i slping my dear anyhow use my hp take foto.. n tadah.

Best couple! The sweetie n yuemin! hahas..

hmm wat they looking ah? hmm? LOL

JASMINE TODAE TOLD ME : watashi wa. NA ME ! "


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