Sunday, May 18, 2008

Before my eyes closing.. i shall blog 1st.. lol...

Todae went dad office..
Went the canteen to eat our Brunch..
Br-unch. LOL

den the uncle saw me..
den i smile smile
den he sae " u come le. i v. happy"
this uncle from dad old office.. he oso work at the canteen..
got fate la.
hahas.. so noe him de.

den he sae he love my smile! WOOHOO!
den he told me mum " she love to smile leh.. she shld change her name"
hahas.. in chinese of cos. lol..

den acc mum buy drinks..
the aunty sae " ur daughter v.pretty n v. gd"

but i always got praise from elderly de!

i noe audrey,jasmine,wenbin wan throw rotten eggs at me liao~ lol

dun care. continue. lol..

den work work work..

deliver goods wif shu shu[uncle] and dad..
sat on the van.. eyes closing..
so chit chat wif dad...
den dad said abt future.
make me so saddening.. lol.. like i got no future wif such GPA.
AGAIN! its GPA! hahahs

den suppose to see guys!
but nt even a soul! argh! hahahs.
shux2 n dad keep luff at me.. den ask me see the indian. lol!

den went back office..
den do this do that..

den sms..but i wan faster finish stuffs.. so nv sms le.

i super tired la.. think of assignment.. sian.
dun even wan touch.. but cant!

den dad suggest buy Satay!
okok.. mum agree

ok b4 that.
we wanted to leave.
so acc mum go toilet 1st..
den once i walk out..
my sensitive nose smell sth burning~
the lift lobby alot smoke la..
its bcos some1 smoke n anyhow throw the bud at the cardboard.
idiot la!

den dad hurry out n use my WATER BOTTLE's water!
argh! i wan drink de leh.. lucky nt Ribena! lol..

idiot lo..
damn angry..
hate ppl smoke!

den went to hse nearby a provision shop. i nv go b4..
den mum go buy drinks.. so i acc again..
den the uncle asked my mum " ur daughter ah? "
my mum said " ya y?"
uncle: " oh.. her attitude v. gud.. treat u v.gud. v.filial"

AIYO!! starting of the day got ppl praise..
now end of the day le.. oso got ppl praise~
i SHY LA! LOL...
den my mum board car alrdy told my dad..
den my dad wan puke~ hahahahs

now online.. den shall get down to WORK again..
tml goin dad office again! hais! LOL

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