Saturday, May 10, 2008

Whoa todae wake up.. realise dad still slping
i super happy..
cos mean I CAN SLP MORE! hahas..

den i faster dash n jump on my bed..
den close eyes.. slp 5 more mins oso happy.
But sadly, my mum sae " OIE KAREN ER. u dun wan wake up?"
i replied " wake up long ago la. " lol

Went to brush teeth n BATHE!
Recently dumbo vin ym keep sae i nv bath!
HELLO! i smell v. NICE OK!
hahahas! n i nv SWEAT!
i dun care. i still nt goin to bath when i go sch.

Wanted to drag my lil bro along. but he die die wan to stick wif his com.
let i let him off.
but i took away his fav TOM YAM MAGGIE MEE!
HE HE HE *evil karen

Went several places b4 go office.
Inside car, i was super quiet.
My papa n mama as usual bicker with one another.
but they nt quarrel ok.. this is how they get along wif one another
super funny de their conversation.
like young couples. lol
den my mum will pinch my dad face.
n my dad will sae " mum pls stop it.. u v. old le. dun angry"
den my mum will sae " HELLO UNCLE, AH PEK, AH GONG hu old? HUH!"
and pinch him even harder.
normally this tym my dad will sae
"Karen.. help me.. u dun help me no meals for u"
den i will " oink oink" pretend slp~ hahas

My family is like comic family. this is wat my close fren always sae.
like how i communicate to my parents n stuffs.
like frens. lol~ super close fren.

n often ppl mistaken me as my dad mistress~
ok must b i look old hahas.
cos i always hold my dad hand.
den some gossip aunty will tell my mum sae
" eh.. ah er got woman leh "
den my mum sae" issit? hahaha"
cos my mum dun believe la.
den i walk into the room
n the aunty will sae " THERE THIS IS THE GIRL!"
den my mum luff out!! HAHAHAS
stupid them. lol

n pls ah.
my dad reali treat me as son.
he always sae " i got 3 sons"
hahas.. cos i v. strong la. .
den i v. TOM BOI.. u all noe de la..
den i always help him carry stuffs.
u noe all those DIY cupboards all i do myself..
den i make everything nice nice for him.
den he sae " wow.. u r like a son to me"
idiot. nt happy kkz! LOL
but treat me like a son oso gd la! LOL.
but i noe my dad dote me the most!
hehehe! mum is fair de. everyone oso dote!
so i got alot love in the hse! YEAH!

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