Friday, May 09, 2008

I guess now recently alot conflict ard.
But whats the major now?

let me sae what i have to sae.
u can dun read. u can shout at me.. u can shout me wif all ur vulgar words
but mind u. its my blog.
nv sae u will scold me or wat.

ok. here i goes.
If u really dun bother like what u mention in ur blog.
den wat for u type it out?
i mean, if there is something that u wont even bother, den u wont even think abt it.
needless to sae.. BLOG it out.
u r making no sense.
do u noe tat?

N i would like to voice out.
For the Msia trip. I DID asK u.
n pls. the email is sent to u long ago.. u can take the effort n read.
We didnt even discuss..
n i jus happen to ask the rest if they wan to join.
N tadah u online.
so i asked u too.
If like what u said, we dun care abt u.
Den what for i ask u? What for i take the effort to click on ur name n chat wif u?
but the attitude u gave me isnt rite.

I oso on the spot then ask rest of the class.
i didnt discuss wif them before hand.
Go or Not to Go is ur own decision.
N pls dun sae until we ps u. WE DIDNT
its unfair for us to sae so..

Everyone will feel low.
Everyone will feel left out.
Jasmine got this feeling b4. i OSO have this feeling.
everyone got feeling but its like how u handle it.

And. We go YEP or even CAMP PIAK.
but we nv have the tot of ps anyone.
Jasmine oso nv go Camp piak. den when we talk abt it. she oso dun understand.
I can read her face that she v.blur.
N i oso noe tat she felt left out.
But she didnt appear to b like u now.

Its true tat i nt happy abt u said we ps.
n now we wan to talk to u..
u shut urself up.
What for?

i noe if u happen to read this. u sure nt happy.
u will sae " Of cos u all dont noe, but u all did tat to me!!! i encounter tat"
etc. i duno wat u will sae la..

i mean everyone oso will feel left out de ma
its how u face it
but now u r avoiding it.
nv come sch mix with others.
u cant avoid forever. lets us talk ok?
i mean i wan back the normal u..
the fun fun one. the always hug me..
the always listen to me. the always help me.
the sweet one that will buy my breakfast..
jus the one! PLS!

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