Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i think i am 做鬼脸专家。LOL
pls compete wif me~ lol
i can do more diff than this.
i think my fren all saw b4 le ba
esp my classmates HA HA HA!!!
ok todae sch started out BADLY
cos vin got extra lesson so i dint meet him todae.
i too 74, non air-con
NVM. no SEAT leh..
1hr journey standing
this is my 1st tym after entering NP standing throughout the bus journey~
Luckily i wasnt late for class. lol
den i got back my programming result.
i got 93 yeah! super happy.
During lesson, was chatting wif mr KO WEIHONG.
den we talking abt webcam
den i got the "blue screen of death"
omg la~
those hu noe, its due to hard disk, ram or watever got prob..
den my classmaes all luffing!
u all better get RETRIBUTION!
CHEE WENBIN 1st! lol
den went for lunch.
i didnt eat lo so many ppl. SIAN AH
practical time.
its like slacking time.
treat me like barbie doll..
play wif my hair.
andy heng tie tie tie..
den i sit on the chair they push me here n there.
turn turn turn till i giddy they happy.
i wanna puke.
den play games alot la!
but fun la. hahahs
my honey go out use lappy.. sad shld turn her oso. lol
went home with vin.
he fall aslp damn fast.
i wanted slp too
but i keep coughing
cannot stop leh.. den the ppl opp me n standing de keep looking at me.
i wannted to alight the bus de.
let me cough finish
but vin still slping la.
no choice i endure.
tml stil got,dance. argh! i dun wan
i todae skip squash training le. no mood la!
dance.. go away! ARGH!

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