Thursday, January 17, 2008

meet honey at 74 bus todae..
den when crossing the bridge to sch
she saw her IS classmate.
so they walk to class together while i go meet Wenbin.

Meet him le.. he this hungry ghost sae he hungry.
So... i v.kind although goin to late le.
but still acc him to buy sandwich.
Todae open hse ma. so alot ppl
i walk half way.. den i fall down!!
den wenbin quickly grab me.
but too late.. my knee landed le. lol~
den he luff luff luff

den after IS.
go dance
omg.. todae so fun~
todae is chinese dance for girls n guy is martial arts.
like no diff la.

den the tcher help us pair up for duet. a guy n a girl..

den my this partner is v. tall de..
but he is my IS class oso
but we dint talk b4
He got to touch my waist for the dance.
When i jump he got to told me up. like Carry me.
but if i topple. he got to grab me.
grab whr? girls sensitive part.
den i start to threaten him.
Karen: eh if u dare to tell other my waist v. 粗。u DIE!
y: haHAHAHAa i onli scare my hand break!

Karen: if i fall down.. u DIE!
Y: i will throw u away..

but his right hand already injured le.
but he didnt sae..
i v. heavy de ma..

den he now injured agian
den he keep sae" karen too heavy le la.. my hand pain!"
den i whack him. lol

when he hold me up.. its super HIGH!!! omg!
so i shouted.. :AH!!
den all luff.. argh! lol

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