Friday, January 25, 2008

Todae v. dumb
suppose to meet vin. den i alight at his hse bus stop
den we waited for ard 5 "74" den we board the bus. lol..
but we r nt late for lesson
pro? hahahas

ok den in class.. shar who is the black man behind.
this is wat my class always sae lol..
ok he put andy's cap on my head.

den i got a idea. i feel like acting like a guy
i mean i noe i m a guy now. but i wan appearance oso like guy.

so thinking if shld buy wig n wear guys clothes. nt bad rit?
den ppl duno u girl ur boy. COOL!

den i tied up my hair n took pic using wenbin fone lolsee my angry face. FIERCE? LOL

Smile karen.. smile..
my boyish look~ i shld look more man!

ok. this is the black man name SHAR! lol

ugly karen.. ugly

hahas normal one~
den go help out at the JAE event.
keep 1 hr lecture jus to help out..
den run here n dere..
den go ushering. omg! lol
den wenbin n i a grp
den we keep playing
den the guy sae.. " u 2 v. ai mei leh."
den we sing the " ai mei" song. hahahahha
we r TWIN ok!
den tml meetin honey. go back sch again. scare she forget.

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