Tuesday, January 29, 2008

backache. i admit i old le. hais
pon godfather lesson.
hope he wont scold me! cos i keep sneezing! lol

reach home ard 3 plus..
den i change clothes.
tied up hair.. n wear my spects.
den i ....
i sompa.. i iron ard 90plus clothes..

now my 2 bros, n mine wardrobe ALL FULLED! lol!
den all the home clothes..
my whole family oso fulled!
i dint count those hanging de.. i count those hangers.
its already 70plus.. den those hanging de.. omg! got 100 ANOT
GOT ANOT! hahhahas
i super tired..
now den online do hw!

dun wan mama too tired
later go wash clothes. lol
i like AH MA LA!

wanted to go out wif babies
but too bad.. lecturer called. ask me help out in another event..
so.. too baD! hahahas

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