Wednesday, January 09, 2008

todae early moring mr ko weihong wake me up.
i wan slp de. hais..
den vin call me oso.. he dint go for his lesson..
so meet me lo..
but both of us late for lesson. hahaha!
so fun..
wenbin behind us.. haha
den lunch i dun wan eat de..
cos yap yongqie sae i fat! argh..
but wenbin tempt me..
so.. still i ate.
den after sch..
i go meet Irwin.pepsi at amk hub.
he LATE!
so i punish him ask him take my laptop!
den we walk walk walk...
den bought present for sunhong.
if not he keep nag! ARGH!

ok we keep luff luff luff.. cos of the water thing!

hahahhas irwin ho u noe y de hor..

make me PAISEH LA U!!! LOL!

hahas.. ok BYE!

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