Monday, December 31, 2007

Ytd airen was suppose to come my hse..
den we can en ai awhile.. lol
but.. SHE TOO SLOW! lol

so my papa mama fetch me to her house~ lol
pass her e beautiful dress of MINE! hahaha...

den went to new office to shift things over..
My papa, kor n me was the one carrying things.

i'm strong ok~ haha
but we 3 all sweating la. lol

den my papa bring us over for STEAMBOAT!
woohoo! S-T-E-A-M-B-O-A-T!
i m craving for that!

but i nt feeling well..
still sick..
now flu,cough.sorethroat,feverish.
hope my whole family get it too! haha!
one family shld suffer together! hahahhahahaha

den todae morning,
i went to dad office again..
tidy up some stuffs..
packed them into boxes..
den i cant take it anymore..
i laid down on the table rest.
den my mama see me v.xinku
so ask my uncle sent me home.
she v. sweet rite? i noe.. hahas
so now.. i at home.. chatting wif my AIREN n Baby.

tml goin out wif them.
hope i faster recover! yeah!

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