Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesh! 15th already.. meaning i can SMS. 360 again
ytd jus nice 360. n the last one i sms is.. mr KO WEIHONG.
honour la u.. lol..

suppose to meet airen
but i morning wake up. i wan puke
must b ytd acc honey.. till todae nt feeling well..
honey. u better read this. lol!
acc honey to ntu to collect her online things.
den take long journey back home
i bus sick + train sick.
i wan puke. opps.. m i preg_ _ _ _

den justin sms me.. ask me support his project
so reach sch.. den saw him.. took his NP TAXI.
which cost onli 50cents per head. damn cheap
study in NP shld now.. we got alot of HILLS to climb. lol.
so the taxi which is private car.. lol will drive us up.

den finish math i wan go home slp le..
end at 11.
den i at sch gate saw justin again
they still doin their project.
so i went to help him.. n weixiang was here too..
so we start playing.
v.v.v. fun with them.
make me luff luff n luff! hahahhaha
thanks guys.

den i atttracted alot of customers. lol
den weixiang wanted to take off his clothes to compete!
v. funny!

den we persuade samuel to take the ride too. lol
den some SPH reporters came. omG!
then they took foto. hahas
den i said. " eh i wan take oso.. i wan b the model"
den they all fainted! WAT E ! lol

den weixiang and i went home.
reach home.. jiu orh orh. slp!

i got alot alot alot ulcers!dun ask me talk pls! lol PAIN!

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