Tuesday, January 15, 2008

jus when can i settle down?
can anyone tell me...

i'm nt so easy settle down de..
when can i find my mr.right?
when can i find my guy that i can last forever wif?

c'mon karen..
u r still so young.
take ur tym


but.. i wan settle down!!

dun b stupid.. take ur tym n find..

ARGH! but i goin 19 le.
n i wan find some1 to lean on...!!

19 onli.. oso not old ma....c'mon no bf oso can de ma...
no bf u will die ah?
frens r got nth ah?

hmm hmm..
true true.
but my frens ard me.. almost all got bf le.
den all like settle down le..
i feel so empty...

dun bcos others got bf den u wan to find one oso..
c'mon! liddat u wont last long oso..

let nature take it course.
old phrase~ lol

omg! i m like talkin to myself.
i think i got 精神分裂!

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