Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ok.. this is the 1st tym of my life sitting inside a LORRY!
i was so excited..
At 1st i told my dad tat.. " DADDY! i wan sit behind like those construction worker!"
but tadah...
the sky gave me the ANSWER "NO!"
cos it rained. lol

i nth do.. so i took pic of myself using daddy fone
den my kor said."你很恶心leh,在那里都可以拍照。"
hahas i dun care! argh! lol

ok~ i did some chores lik.. clean the table cos of the rain..

our new office! i seriously love the colour!
its damn nice..
so bright! wooho!

Carry stuffs.. hahas
i'm strong ok~
Shift here n there~

my dad n bro..
i love taking pic of them~ so funny!

Look at my bro.
he is STRONG too. hahas

OK! let them do the work..
n KAREN~ u continue take pic! hahhas
My uncle n dad.. haha.
messy rite?
CHEE WENBIN u said u wanna come help my dad..
but u DIDNT!
go sch u die! lol

new office! hahas

ok that all.. haha
my mum nt feeling well.
so my didi acc my mum at the old office..
haha i like this..

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