Saturday, January 12, 2008

sometimes i wish to have some1 FULLY understand me..
n think alike with me.

i bet that feeling will be damn gd..
like u 2 have the same thinking. n treat things/problems in the same way..

i m not trying to sae i dun have frens that understand me.
like PEIQI.. she noe what i m goin to do next.
its like she can read my next move. lol
i like it.
n she will sae ..“我就知道你会这样”
n luff at my jokes.

Ervina.. She is like.. my advisor.. she let me noe my next step.
like.. whether this fren is still worth for me to treat them so gd. etc.
I like her when she start" Karen ah.. 你要。。。 。。。 。。"

Jeraldine n Teresa. They will listen to my problems.
like my sisters. Like even dun meet up often. but still v.close.
i like it when we update one another.

My babies Mich n Havi. When we r in a grp.
we share our own thinkings.
Den we will start this n that. lol

Jacq Jas Audrey.
My Honey, Sweetie n Dear.
u girls r my poly life best Gfs!
Jacq will acc me whenever i m. i m jus so guilty that sometimes i ps u.
or Even when u r down. i cant b dere for u.. thats my gulity part.
Jas.. She wil acc me look at guys. n thats fun.
like in one area.. we will start wink at one another.. lol!
Audrey.. she can READ MY MIND!
when i sing.. she will noe wat i m singing! lol...
n we will say the same things. lol

now i onli wan talk abt my gfs.
so bfs. next tym.

If i got some1 that understand me.. den when i do certain things
he/her will noe my reasons.
he/her wont question me like " y r u so mad abt? " or " Wats wrong wif karen"
Like for todae example.
Although tonnes of ppl told me. " Its jus a game"
but i jus wanna treat things seriously.
its not i m angry wif my team member or wat.
i do have faults i noe.
But when i wan treat things seriously, no 1 acc me.
the feeling jus so not right.
i dun wan to be the one man show.
its a teamwork kind of thing.
den all i can do is. forget it~
jus carry on.

Another matter.
When u wanna comment on ppl
Once is enuff.
More than that will b INSULTING!
i hate it when others sae abt my frens.
like " eh look at her todae. so ugly la"
i mean.. look into e mirror urself. Do u have the x-factors to talk abt ppl?

or even myself."karen. u v. old u noe? " , "karen u r the oldest", " karen ur hair v.lil", "karen ur figure hais.." Karen this.. Karen that.
1st tym i treat it as a joke.
i will jus luff it off..
but more n more things start to add on jus bcos i dint stop it earlier.
Dont u all spare a feeling for others?
Wont u all grow old?
so wat i m the oldest?
so wat my hair is lil.?
so wat my figure sux?
so wat i m a tomboi?
did all these affect u?
if dont.. den y not u shut up ur mouth!

i dint luff at u at all.. den shldnt u just jolly-well leave me alone?

sorry for being nt myself todae.
but i jus have my own feelings to share.
i m nt trying to pin-point to anyone.
jus trying to SHOUT AH!

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