Monday, January 28, 2008

YEAH nice skin
thanks to my mr KO WEIHONG!

wanted to change.. but lazy lo..
hahahss like nid to do so many things.. lol..

he v. kind hearted de la hor.. hahahhas
its .v.v. nice !
cos i like all bright colours
n THIS BLUE its like to 舒服!i like!
omg omg omg!
i confirm everydae come n view my blog
it brighten up my day.

i m like so surprise.
cos i dint noe he changed already
den i still thinking. erm. did i go to the wrong blog? lol

ok i was dead tired.
so i slp till 2plus at my parents room.
i watch tv still.. SNORE! zzzz lol

den acc my family got sim lim get something
den go eat lunch den go dad office print stuffs.
den went to tampines court.
Bought the tread mill den i m dying to get it.!
THANKS DAD! i love u!
promise to pay u back slowly~
den reach home. SLP!
who wan come my hse use tread mill?
$2 per entrance. thanks! lol!

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