Monday, February 04, 2008

too long dint update le..

now lazy.. n no time..

lets start from fridae! MY DAY!
Finish lesson, went to help out again.
den jacq and eugene n i went to suntec walk walk.
realise no clothes.
went to bugis with jacq onli.
inside story. lol

den bought my dress for CNY.
den meet peiqi for dinner
but she dint eat
i think she miss me too much. find excuse to meet

meet ervina go shopping.
went to collect slipper.
den went orchard.
bought shoes
ppl mountain ppl sea.
den papa came to pick me up to go eat dinner.
den baby E meet shihui they all..

went to OG with mama
boughts lotsa things.
den go ah ma hse for reunion dinner.
no 1 dare to take care benson
cos he chicken box.
i go play wif him lo..

skip lesson.
woke up.. den go clean up...
den go run..
sweat alot!
den take bath meet Airen[ peiqi] and Slave [ choonhao ]
went to sing lo...

den now at home.. omg!
mama scold me!
cos nv mop flr den go out
so tml finish lesson go out wif jacq den jiu come home DO THINGS!

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