Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ytd nite lazy online. Den now vin ask me check thing online.
while waiting for his reply.
i decided to blog. lol..

Ytd was 3 hrs lesson.
After BIS. Sweetie said she missed alumin TomYam! woohoo! me too me too!
so decided to go there n eat.
Me, sweetie n dear plus bin n vin. all went there eat.

After that bin n vin go n find their char bos.
lol. so we girls went home.
While waiting for bus, talked alot wif sweetie. she acc me take 74 lol.

When we board the bus, got one guy nt bad looking.
den me n sweetie like usual look at each other n luff. lol!
its jus like we spot a prey~ lol!
but she alighted.
I slept on the bus so i duno whr that guy alight! ARGH!

Reached home ard 4. I straight away go slp. super tired pls~ lol..

ytd lazy online so i on radio n read comics. lol

This picture is me n my beloved.~ LOL
erm. he is nt wear a black sock. He is black` lol
kidding kidding. dun angry pls!
u noe i love u~ lol

ok. there is this guy so funny

He walk into the bus so 帅气。[handsome]

but once he sit down he talk out sun block n start applying. i find it funny. so i try to snapshot him. but, too late. he keep the bottle already. hais lol. n i decided nt to upload his foto. lol

Ytd i wore my baby tshit to sch! LOL. so nice lo. thanks baby love u~

i RECEIVED ROSES from my secret admirer! i m so touched! lol..

guess who? lol

its my SS la. lol.. my darling.~

thanks!! hehehe..

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