Sunday, July 06, 2008

Due to some ppl sae my blogskin ugly! lol
i decided to change
how abt this? lol..
any comments?

THANKS AUDREY LEE! cos she helped me change this blog skin! hehehe.. thanks alot dear..

Since its a new blog skin.
i shall.. 上诉!abt my MESSY ROOM! lol.

U can always view my sweetie JASMINE blog!
ROAR! lol..

Due to her post. it have motivated me TO CLEAN MY ROOM! lol..
Pls take a look at my new room! lol

This is my bubble tea counter.
My room make over~ lol
My table. This is the spot whr sweetie took picture! lol.
now its dust FREE! n HAIR FREE! lol
MY piggy. sEE! so clean!

Saw saw?
now u all come my hse can sit on floor oso liao la! lol..
idiot! lol..
but erm
after a mth.. i duno wat will happen.
mayb back to the normal messy room! HAHAHAHAS!
n ytd was alot of fun ah! lol..
but tym passed v. fast.
Den all went home le. lo
update the fotos when wenbin sent me.
den i can share all my stories! lol
dumbo sae he prefer my drama queen blogskin
but TOO BAD! u got to adapt! hahahahahas

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