Friday, July 18, 2008

Hai..i noe AUDREYLEE waiting for me to upload fotos rite?
LAZY SAE LAZY la. still sae go karen or jas blog see..
but i noe u busy la. so many things to do
so i shall upload for u eh~ hahahas

OK. u can do audrey blog or jas blog for wat happened on tuesdae. lol~
lol no la.

Tues, we got 3hrs brk or many 3hrs plus. lol.
We started to decide wat to do or eat.
Someone shouted out "eh y nt ding tai fung?"
Wa.. high high.. hu high?
ME! Sweetie n Yuemin! lol
y? cos we bet wif wenbin he lose. so no choice...
he treat! hahahas

Look at the picture below..
3Winners 1 loser! HO HO HO~

Total there are 7 ppl.

There are, Yuemin, Wenbin, Jessica,Drey-dear, Jacq-honey, Jasmine-sweetie, n me lo

If u look at the picture carefully, drey is pinching my hand! IDIOT ~ lol

2nd shot super funny.. cos alot ppl looking den i wan luff out..

YEAH! treat treat treat! LOL

*karen happy happy...*

Me n Yuemin. lol~ this HAI- king. everytym hai hai hai. lol..



*karen drooling!!! *

Eh this fried rice is like heavenly pls!!!!!

OK den the noodles. hehehe we all shared.. den all snatch. hahhas!


opps.. nt peicai that xiao long. lol

This is the prawn dumpling. omg. the prawn is nice nice nice!

but i think it actually, taste ard the same~ HAHAAHAH

This is the Jia Jiang Mian. nt bad nt bad.

but abit salty. lol

Loser BIN! hahahs.. nt happy eh~ LOL

Who ask u bet lose~ lalalala

Cheeky audrey~ pattern more than badminton. lol

Sexy Jacqualine. smile until so sweet for wat! lol
WOOHOO! hu is this pretty girl? lol

OK i m the greedy karen, i tryin to get food but sweetie ask me take. so i was standing up~ lol

EH! cannot zi lian issit? CANNOT TAKE PIC issitDEN SWEETIE U OSO ZI LIAN! n u sae me! lol

HAHAS. Ym funny funny!

hmm.. i duno y..
But sweetie, dear n bin sae this pic look nicer so gonna upload to frenster~ =)

HMM.. hu is wenbin thinking? i think SS n ME noe la..
hahas. Yuemin squeeze into this sch bus. lol.
lucky u nt stucked! n bin look like those sales man.. den his car no1 buy. So depressed.
1 ,2 ,3

we walking half-way, sweetie take out hp.

den i made this alien face. lol!

They decided to come my hse..
since we were at J8 that day.
Inside the bus we played alot.
Ym keep playin the bell.. hais! LOL

Look at audrey sit until so guai~ lol funny eh

Den wat r yuemin n wenbin smiling at?

Yuemin must b luffing at audrey stupid actions.

Den wenbin leh? hmm.. thinking of hu n smile? LOL! ShiuanShiuan u noe hu? HAHAHAS

Den me n sweetie two ai mei de..

so take pictures again

den u all noe i super playful.. i cannot resist nt to play ard. so..

i made stupid face again. lol

okok normal shot. if nt sweetie angry. hahahas

both MEINU AH! hahahahas WEEUWEE! who's daughters so pretty? LOL

Den nite tym i went to meet another 2 meinu..

i later den post their pic.. wait awhile ah.. cos my laogong show starting~

suppose to go office.. but dad n mum went msia.. so wait for them fetch me~ hehe

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