Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seriously no mood to do work. hahas
so went to watch shows. Super long ago de.

Den laptop hang~
omg~ hahahas..

So restart com n went for BLOG HOP~. lol.
blog hop is kinda fun.
can noe each n every fren they updates, whats goin on n stuffs.
n den u can tag n meet up wif them, tease them n stuffs.
fun. hahahas..

Eh.. this mth or this yr must b a gr8 yr! hahahs.
noe y?
cos i blog hop for ard 10 blog.
got ard 7 to 8 is talkin abt loves de leh~ lol..

Close fren ah. Buddy ah.. All got GFs n BFs le leh.
The old Karen sure will get jealous n stufs..
But now the new Karen is HAPPY!
i oso duno y. jus happy they found one n another.

I think 我看开了。[dun care abt it anymore]
Cos i think, aiya no bf no bf lo.
oso wont die rite! hahas.
if i die den for my past erm how many yr?
i already DEAD BY NOW!
but.. i v.easily contented.
got frens esp family n oso buddies ard.
happy liao lo. hahas!

Saw sweetie blog eh.
SWEETIE ah.. u still got ur SOFA ma.
pls la.. super obvious can HAHAHAS.
i think its oso tym for u to get ATTACHED!
gogogo! IKOU IKOU GO GO~

Bin bin.. Target target ah. LOL.
i confirm sure success de..
den u noe wat to do ah!!
500 HOR!!! dun care ah lol..

Vin. GOT FREN LEH! me here me here! hahas.
the most aiya.. i suffer la.
i b ur gf lA! lol..
ok i confirm u sure scold i confirm! lol
but the vulgarites games still much continue hor!

The rest haven found bf n gf de.
n jus to sae.
no bf n gf now, doesnt matter.
cherish fren instead? to me. frens r more impt~
to choose, friends, family n bf.
i will place family 1st, den fren, den bf.
how abt u guyS?

when i got bf.. the story might b different! hahahas

*karen evil laughter!*

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