Friday, July 18, 2008

Whoa one dae post 3 entries.
谁受得了啊。 copy 小鬼。LOL
[Who can stand it! copy xiao gui]
Why i must translate? LOL
for DUMBO U! lol.

ok. i think i did sth wrong.
Confession now.
Ytd.. we were having DBS lesson..

i wasnt angry with anyone.
i swear.
no. to b exact.
i m angry wif myself.
Thinking " eh karen u oso got learn b4, y duno how to do"
tats was wat i thinking that very moment.
Cant let myself off too easily.
So getting heat up n showed class the black face.
Sorry.. Sorry..

i reali cannot stand it le. so i gave up n start crapping with wenbin
whoa thanks godness got him to cheer me.
n thanks godness got samuel leong n lim kangquan online disiao me
lighten me up.
thanks~ in life u nid some crapping buddies like them~
eh compliments ah guys. lol

Inside bus, my mind still all abt dbs.
n vin mind is all abt.. yeah.
den i dun dare to disturb him wif DBS.

n theregoes the idiot karen
angry wif herself again.

just nice darling sms me.
n i told her how i felt abt studies.
den she talk to me lo.
thanks darling.. WO AI NI! lol.
not to forget Dumbo oso encourage me alot.
hehe.. u ah. ok promise u wont stress up le.
n erxin seng. u oso la. thanks.
lobster meal b4 china! lol..

ok. i am now the free n easy karen.
when stress up i will go find my crapping partners. hehe

ok sth funny happened! hahahas. someone called ah.. den i called him back. den talk half way i accidentally hang up his fone. lol! bth make me luff. sry ah. GD LUCK FOR UR BIKE! sure pass!

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