Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Todae is AUDREY LEE and VINCENT HONG 18th bday!
soon u all will b like me!

ok. fotos wif wenbin.
cos my hp no batt again! lol
seriously nid change already. hahas
but money money money..
karen dun have money~ lol

Ytd meet my airen peiqi for awhile only!
nt enuff! hahas..
Thx for ACC ME! love U LOTS LOTS!
Me ytd 2plus going 3 den slp eh.
do the holy book.card for the two of them.
Gosh. it seems easy... but actual fact its not!
but still i did 80% for the both of them.
But i forgot to print the YEP fotos! so impt.
so todae rush. And sweetie got more of vin fotos.

he ride bike and longbang me to buy cake n print the fotos.
Thanks baby~
n his bike skill is PRO.
seriously i dun trust ppl. cos now i can trust him.
He acc me walk ard the place. Get cake..
den Andy n their fren happen to b there.
Andy went there for the clinic. His poor leg. lol.
Den andy took the cake back 1st.

We went to alumni for lunch.
$100 plus. pro~ hahas but it's for 10 pax.
so.. ok ok la~ lol... HAHA
Super full. And for the benefit of my buddy Vin.
I called my darling SS to come cut cake wif him. lol
Den PM TEST! argh. sux. i guess my result wont be gd.

After test. me and sweetie jasmine rush to the lift lobby and finish up the card.
Cos keep no time to finish it up.
2ppl bday r indeed tiring!
Den chee came to join us.
Soon mr.tan oso came. n as usual he take fotos. lol

Went to library. Alvin n all was there.
Chit chat awhile.
went to pay for the fee to pangkoR.

I do understand that every1 have the own opinions n stuffs.
But do spare a thought for the rest.
Just next tym bday i wont organise or what.
You ppl do it urself.
I will only plan for the close ones of mine.
Tired of organising.

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