Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ok. tym to upload fotos.
Rmb i said that we went to steamboat wif ss,wanting, audrey n wenbin. lol..
The helper meeting.
Wenbin ytd sent me fotos..
so i now uploads fotos!

1stly.. introduce.. Shiuan shiuan.. my darling~
We took some fotos.. but choose some only la.. lazy ah!

Next. is the LATE QUEEN! Hoo wanting! we goin to eat finish le.. den she reach.
She wants us to finish the food faster so she keep pass us food. hais~ lol!
make us wan to vomit out all the foods. lol

Tadah.. this is Audrey lee n late queen..
Audrey sae dun wan take foto.. den keep siam..
but when we say " 1, 2 ,3" den she giv the smiley face.. see how cheeky she is!

Next.. the 4 girls.. no choice wenbin only guy.. so he can only b the CAMERA MAN! lol..
Hahas.. i was holding wenbin hp.. den while waiting for the traffic lights.

i ask them to pose.. n they did! see the backgrd super nice! lol..

We was walking to clary quay. lol

ok. lazy to upload fotos in sequence. So.. this is while waiting for the steamboat. has..

Ok.. den SS sae... she wan scold wenbin. So she took this fotos. lol..

still pretty leh! nt ugly face. nv see mine b4. i m the QUEEN! lol

Picture.. see.. got PEDIGREE INSIDE!!! ARGH!!!

me n ss~ hahahs.. random ah. lol

she super chio pls!

food food food!

the tomyam nice nice!

Hmm.. wat r wenbin n audrey lookin at? hmm.. i reail wonder. hais! lol

To noe what they r lookin at.. pls scroll down

They r lookin at my EYE CANDID! omg.. he walked in wif his striking colour hair.

suits him.. n he is tall too~ lol.. cool cool.. tats kwel. lol.. i snap shot him. acting to take foto of wenbin n audrey but actual fact i m ZOOMING TO TAKE FOTO OF HIM! lol..

Ytd went AGM ah.. kinda boring. hahas.. but b4 that, went to funan for hard disk. finally i bought. but nt dumbo's bro that one its another one. hahahas! cos that one out of stocks

so too bad

Went to watch "HanCock" WOOHOO! nt bad nt bad. lol.. he is cool. love will smiths show.. lol.. "Call me asshole ONE MORE TIME~" lol..

den bin n vin go back sch 1st.Me n dear go eat lunch.

Next took bus back to sch. Changed den go AGM. Kinda boring ah.. cos nt many ppl go. hahas. den weiyang,shar they entertain me. HAHAS. n oso chun hao ah.. whack me so many times.

den jeff arrived. he funny funny.. weiyang n jeff help me massage. lol.

AGM is like so many pretty girls.. all dress till so chio pls! OMG! if i m guys i will nv wan to leave the place. its like heavenly! lol..

Den while waiting, shar came wif his helmet. I nt do so i wore it. den Wenbin luff like hell..

so he took picture for me. its reali FUNNY! lOL!

Todae. i now lazy at nite online la

impt things jus sms me. dun call pls. LOL! bb!

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