Monday, July 07, 2008

didnt intend to online. cos todae bus too stuffy n too bumpy.
den i seriously headache.

but.. some1 ask me online lo.
So i online awhile..
but i realise the PM den haven finish up ah.
so online to finish it up...

ok. dumbo told me..
he todae.. take bus home wif a VIP!

lol.. guess who's that!
ITS A BIRD! hahas.. den i tot he lying.
tryin to make me luff.. but its REAL LEH!
hahas.. den he took foto n show me.

hmm i wonder if this bird got tap it ezlink card anot.

Todae played the "guess wat he/she showing" game.
AT keep luff lo n stress oso..
continue liddat i will go crAZY!

reach home at 5 plus.
waited for my dinner till 11plus lol
n dad bought durian! OMG!
its overseas durain! from msia! HAHAHAS
dad went msia to collect goods.. den buy oso!
i so happy! lol..

but finish le ah. lol.
nvm nvm
hope wenbin faster sent me photos so i can upload.
realise all the foto i so ugly.
but nvm...

shar sae he will love me no matter wat! LOL!
fat or thin he oso love! LOL

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