Friday, June 27, 2008

Ytd i was feeling so sick.
no energy to talk.
in class i was quiet..
some tot i was angry.
HAHA! kenna tricked.
but i didnt want to tricked i was jus nt feeling well, n want to get things done quickly.

wenbin came over.. n keep sae. " relax la karen"
den audrey keep mumbling. but i didnt reply. lol!

how i wish to open up my head let it breathe den sew it back.
YUCKS! lol
Loh Wai Tuck asked me " eh karen u ok anot? y so quiet"

Met dumbo for awhile. He passed me sth which is v.v.v.v. nice of him.
dumbo i will keep it well~ i promise!!! =)

Den all got meeting.
Class start to busy wif own stuffs le..
make me feel no bonding nt united le.
but cant be blamed. told wenbin n jasmine abt it todae while walking to bus stop.

Watever it is.
i was super nt feeling well, smsed dumbo awhile den he got his proj to do.
mr.kind kaiyang sms me.
thanks ah. entertain me awhile.

ok. Todae.
attended the PPP.
alot of jokes ah! bth. luff whole 4 hrs. The lec is v. funny~
n Wenbin ah. sms ah. den i fishing! hahas inside joke
Alot of stupid yet comment was giving during the workshop.

n Yuemin! he go tell the lec that he got a fren that got bad breathe n odor etc!
which u all noe hu rite! lol

ok tym to share~
How to start?
i think every1 is changing..
i Saw Jasmine sweetie blog. she mention abt some1 changed
i totally agree.
i mean if u reali wan to change urself, pls dun go towards the bad side.
kind of stupid isnt it?

ok. i m a straight forward person!
i hate smoker. the smell i seriously cannot stand it.
just dun SMOKE. so now u noe who i m talking abt?
if u still happen to smoke. pls stop!

my future bf cannot smoke! cannot tatoo! cannot drunk! cannot club! wat else?
haven tot of it. lol

every1 like got some1 in their hearts.
WHAT ABT ME! hahahas!
hai hai hai!
i v. long nv an lian ppl le!!! hahahhahas
bai chi~ lol
ok watever it is.
nvm! lol

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