Saturday, June 28, 2008

I guess i m some1 that always disappoint ppl.
ok. nt guess.. I AM!

Always talk with no action.
i guess some ppl deep down in their hearts reali hate me.

I m sorry.
Are u tired of hearing me say "i will b there for u" , "i can b ur listening ears." etc.
sick n tired?

to be honest.
i didnt sae to many that i will b there for u etc.
i said to devil this is the one i rmb.
i said to him that i will be his angel.

but i guess i always disappoint ppl.

dumbo ytd told me.
he said sometimes sms wif me.. i will disappear.
i didnt notice that.
others told me b4 as well
guess it turnin to my habit.
sorry. i noe dumbo dun wan me sae. but Sorry.

dun sae sth that u cannot do it.
i learn my lesson.
Sorry devil. make u sad rite?
make u disappointed in me rite.
i duno wat to sae.

Actually i am.. more to a joker type of person.
i love to talk rubbish..
i love to mix wif fun ppl.
i love to luff luff and luff..
i love to be happy.
i love to smile
i just love happy stuffs.
dont u ppl?

i dun like quiet
i dun like sad
i dun like cry
i dun like hard to communicate
i dun like to think
i dun like sick
i dun like...

i m jus a useless person
i noe my own standard.
i hate to argue.
i just let it go.

just useless karen, thats me~ =)

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