Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HA Finally got tym to online. hehe.
aiya. pretty woman is a busy woman!

Went to work for the IT FAIR. saw alot of ppl.
there are, Jacq, baoman, Alwyn, ChengFeng, Hanlin my aiai, xin yi, hui ting, bryce, kennedy, some yr1 ppl, joseph, my PPH! hahas, kelvin lim, anymore? lol!
alot ah. hahas.

of cos la. i was working wif vincent n sweetie jasmine. lol. so everydae will see them.
my sales wasnt gd. hais! lol
den we got write down our name n hp no on the flyers that we gave out.
i regret! lol. cos.. i didnt intend to write.
but they ask me to write down will be better. so i heed their advice.
but got one uncle n another ex np student keep sms me.
np student still ok la. the UNCLE. hais.
lol.. ask me hows my sales whr i stay blah blah blah.
i jus didnt reply. lol.

everydae reach home. all i wan to do was to SLP. lol.
early morning meet Vincent den go work together.
he love to eat the breakfast. lol.made me addicted as well. idiot him. lol

ok. one by one ah.
On wed, 11 june.
Went for the ASUS training b4 IT fair.
den went to meet Vincent n Shuian shuian at amk hub for lunch.

This is my pretty Shuian shuian wif her big eyes. lol

YUEMIN! dun jealous! hahas..

And she wan to do the helper's BO HO clap. lol

Nt long after, SS went home. Den vincent acc me to shop ard while waiting for Peiqi n slave choonhao. Called choonhao den he faster cabbed down. Thanks slave.! hahas.. princess will treat u gd gd. lol

OK. while waiting for the both of them. asked vin to walk ard wif me.

he got alot of stupid comments. like " eh the shorts how much? " "$24" " siao so ex. u got buy guys berm oso more cheap la. somemore more clothes." -_-" lol!

OK. i suddenly recalled of Airen telling me that.. Sir Yappie imitate my smile. the fake smile. so i decided to upload the original fake smile. LOL!!

OK. den the 4 of us went to go K-garden to sing. Vincent 1st tym sing leh. hhas.. cos he think waste of money. but i drag him go. HAHAS. den while airen n slave singing duet. ME n vin when to play. den loser have to suffer the pain. HE reali whack me w/o hesitate! IDIOT!

HAis. he is so not a gentleman! LOL... but. i m nt a sore loser la. so let him whack lo.
den inside train home, he whack again. dne another small blue black. hais! LOL

ok last day of work. my leg realli cannot take it anymore.
so i asked dad to fetch me home
it was on FATHERS' DAY! hahas..
den vincent lobang oso lo. lol..

Suppose to go sch to meet mr max.
but he went off to msia earlier. so he passed the tickets to another student...
Jeraldine my dear come to my hse.
den we took bus to meet airen.

took bus 88 to Pasir ris.
erm. to be honest, the chalet nt v.fun. hahas
i was expecting something more fun la.
but we ended up watch movie.
n its something that i dun like to watch.
so.. i prefer to slp.
n i reali managed to slp despite of their loud talking.
PRO me. lol
Airen super comfortable la. lying on my fat stomach. lol.
when i woke up, girls ,esther havi n mich wanted to take a bath.
den i watch my laogong show.
luffin wif jer n pq. lol.
den they wanted to go AIRPORT for dinner.
i was kinda tired, so decided to go back home.
DEar , Airen n Shaun went to took bus wif me together.
Went to eat at amk hub.
omg! i saw sth i wan to eat.
n i swear i m goin to amk hub for iT! DUN CARE! lol

den todae morning.
dad fetch me back to Ngee Ann to collect the tickey
the guy was some1 i duno.
he sms me n said " erm r u karen the fridae?"
HAHA! den i was shocked " How u noe?"
chey. cos jerome his fren la. jerome big mouth. lol
reach sch. jerome sae " Eh tues u come for wat? nth do ah"
he n his big mouth.
den i took the tick frm jeff n i went to JB wif dad n mum
yeah! FOOD AGAIN! hahas..

den went back office to work.
tired. lol.
fully updated! hope i nv miss anything! hehe..

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