Sunday, June 29, 2008

this post v.long! woohoo.. dun read if u lazy. BUT U WILL REGRET! hahas
I have been watching the show. "Love Truly"
Went amk hub n bought de wif airen.
Den it abt a bodyguard.
He love this girl truly. He mention one sentence.
Translate to eng for my dumbo sake.
" if there is a bullet, i wont be ur shield. But i will protect her instead."
So SWEET! hahas

but for me..
if i m him. even if i tried my best to protect but yet i will missed the bullet.
n the bullet will still shoot the person i love.

Chim leh.. go digest~ lol

OK. todae got the mood to talk abt my frens.
One by One.
Tan PEIQI! hahas.. She is some1 i noe from sec 3. When did i became so close wif u hmm? lol.
sec 4? i duno. but talk to u make me feel v. comfortable. Anything oso can say. Even if i talk rubbish u oso think funny... U oso will tell me ur things, keep me update. Intro frens to me.. thanks alot airen. Thanks for accompany me, thanks for go shopping wif me.. listening to all my problems. I can tell u everything.. even all my personal things. HEHE. Thanks TPQ! Go sing wif u.. out of tune oso NO SCARE LA! hahas.. n xiao zhu is mine kkz.. MINE! hahash.. dun snatch la.. u go find ur SIR ______ hahas and the L la. lol

Ervina LEE! hahas.. u u u u.. always ask me entertain u.. i make u luff den u ask me shut up! kill u ah.. lol.. u ah is like a advisor to me. Whenever i got problem u will tell me.. "karen cannot like this. cannot like that" n usually i listen to u.. hehe.. plus.. u r like a da jie da.. like.. "cannot mix wif this grp of ppl... " " why u still be fren wif them?" haha so many. HONGYI! my bday fren that u prepared for me.. the card, chloe i deeply appreciate it~ thanks alot. u always spent alot of effort for babies bday. love ya. mei gui mei gui wo ai ni! lol roses for u only TAN PUAY KEE DUN HAVE! baby... love la love ya. hehe.. u noe y? cos i single for v.long le MA! like wat tan puay kee said. lol! so.. i no choice change my love to u! hahas

Jeraldine XIE! rmb our Rcube? hehe.. wont forget u r the one that acc me during my O level keep motivate me to study and all.. I still rmb i walked u home all that. hehe.. den go find u reguarly, go gym go swimming go eat go NITE CLASS! fun hor. hehehe.. each of us two benches. Sit there wif our pocky n LOLLIPOP! hahas.. walk home together etc. U ah, always be there for me. Even nv meet up, we still can catch up. so no worries, we still have the strong ionic BOND! lol

Babies~ Baby M, Baby H, Baby J, Baby E, Baby P, Baby T. Thanks for everyting, the outings, the shopping, the talking sessions etc. Love u girls..

Audrey Lee! baichi. always make me luff only. u and ur super funny brain. lol. Wif u, like no worries for anything. cos u always smile smile. But if u sick.. i wont talk to u. ur face is like CHARCOAL! lol. But nevertheless, u r willing to teach me hmwrk i truly appreciate it. Plus the YEP~ make me luff like hell.. all the videos, pictures and all. hahahs. Camp piak, rmb? we at the staircase! hahahahahas.. scare ppl until wan to slp. But still luff luff luff when u knock ur head on the WALL! HAHAHAHAS den got the "kok" sound! n all the ppl reaction when they got scared! hahas... bth. plus all the jokes the "song" u love~ u noe? ter ter ter ter~ hahahas Thanks la dear. make me luff luff n luff.

Jasmine Chow~ lol. u ah. small small thing oso can luff. Duno is ur 笑点低 or wat? lol but cute my sweetie.. Enjoy sharing all my tot wif u. especially love problem. hehe.. u will give me solutions n ask me think this.. think that. HAHAS.. plus! we got one hobby same same! u guess? LOL
LOOK AT GUYS! hahahas.. n our taste same same.. hahhahahah.. we will sae.. which colour shirt.. n will "wei jasmine" n u will " wei karen" den together " green shirt" HAHAHAHAHAS!
oh no! hope our bf wont b the same. hahahas.. dumbo giv u. i dun wan! opps! lol. HAHAHAHS

Jacqualine lai~ pierce tongue ah.. cannot talk properly! hahahs.. same sec sch, but didnt noe each other.. got fate den same poly n same class. hehe.. shopping partner ah. taught me alot things. i dun even noe abt how to online shopping but u taught me so. Plus go shopping, acc me this n that. Realli thanks~my honey. hehe. =)

Chee wenbin! my drink partner. hehe. super best buddy, wont leave me out at any occasion reali v.thankful to u.. even meet ur frens u oso wont leave me out. hehe. buddy buddy ah. super love our "scissor paper stone" who lose do wat. hahaha! BUT WHY! WHY ALWAYS I LOSE! Y! lol.. idiot. n erm. hahahas! i got share my problems wif u oso.. eh i seldom share love problem to guys de ok. i think i talk to u most. so be honoured! n vice versa share wif me! dun always i ask u den u sae. lol. bai chi. n thanks for everything ah. always understand me, noe wat i wan n dun wan, help me do sth that i reali dislike etc. =)

Vincent Hong! hehe.. u ah. always a joker! bth u. make ppl luff. but u ah! hais! DIRTY JOKES LA! me this young n innocent girl cannot take it. hahahas.. but thanks for teachin me things that i duno. hehe. like this homework n that. u r the 1st guy that i go swimming wif leh! lol. i go swimming always no guy. but u 1st leh! honoured rite! hahahas. plus u everything oso will jio we all go.. hehe. but u ah.. start to look at all girls le.. bad habit. change change. lol. plus smoke. change change. hais~ n ah i really like ur mother leh! nag u this n that. n ur ATM! u said so. hahas!

Chan yue min! hehe.. u ah.. the HAI king and the JUST king, make me luff till bth! hahas.. u and ur stupid idea. hahas.. alot stupid things ah. hahas.. n ur stupid comment! i dun care i love my hp so? hahas.. unless u change for me la! u go BUY JUST GO JUST! hahas. idiot. But thanks ah chan mali chan. Got u mean got laughters ard. cos u r the JOKER! i wont forget ur.. "aunty go THIS WAY" hahahas! den ur both hand different directions! HAHAHAHA make me luff till peng~

Devil.. Sorry ah. hahas 1st thing sae sorry u see le oso sian rite! hahas.. but sorry for nt being u side like i promised. hais. u always share ur thought wif me. but i reali cant understand. Aiya. so i always change topic n all. OK! forget it. hahas.. devil taught me many things, u ah.. always let me think so much. think somemore i will have white hair la! u ah. lol. =) But, sometimes talk to u oso v.relaxing. sae out all i wan to sae. but sometimes got pressure oso. scare sae wrong things. hahas. but devil i noe u since i sec 1, u sec 5. i noe u thru irc rmb? i still rmb we became god bro n sis. lol. den u always at canteen den i will go peek on u! HAHAHAHA. den u grad nv contact. Till one day u randomly talk to me in msn, Den we saw each other at msia nt long after. Den my exam weeks u sms me n check how i was doing. Den we started smsing. hehe. i still rmb. lol. thanks for listenin to me. =)

Dumbo~ underground ah. but i still wan to write abt u. hahas! I noe dumbo as a joker, always so hyperactive luff luff.. n USE THE PAPER BALL HIT ME! hahas. but ARGH! DUMBO! WE MISSED OUR 2nd mth Anniversary la! lol. ok. After 27th april i changed my view on dumbo. U ah actually nt so high at times. lol. but we started chatting, hahas.. den smsing. den GEON! i think geon sure tired. hahahs.. but no us no geon. lol~ i still rmb got one day helpers went to help out for the "get together" tat tym haven close wif u. den u! U! YESH U! MR DUMBO! u bully me wif wenbin! lol.. u all throw my slipper ard. den i bare foot run to get it back. den u n wenbin throw here n there! den i m like the monkey! lol. eh y u like to bully me! paper ball den this. but lucky during camp u no voice! den i can disturb u! hahahas. dumbo thanks for ur lollipop! eh till now i stll got one of the lollipop u gave, hehe. and the ribena u gave. and of cos the bookmark. hehe. thanks dumbo. u promise to drive me ard de. hahahs!

Next is some1 v.disgusting? Think think... who else? KEE CHUANG SENG LA! hahas.. idiot make me drink the saliva! omg think back oso will VOMIT! pls.! hahas.. baichi but talk to u, i will full of energy! TO FIGHT BACK! hahas.. n i die die must win.. n u die die wan argue. hahas.. dun care i must win. hahas.. n u ah, owe me sth! hahas.. u shld rmb ah. sth to do wif erm. LOBSTER! hahas. i got follow our promise. i got put in effort to study leh. so.. ahem! thanks ah. mr idiot. =) n pls. u still owe me another thing! hahas. MY SALIVA! one day i will pui back n ur turn to drink. u promised. wa lau eh. i drink leh u nv! n ur saliva is like so much la! idiot. n u pui on my hand! argh! lol. plus everytym oso ask me eat shit. u oso eat la. lol! small boy! HAHAS i sae wat u oso believe! hahahas. den realise i bluff u den u angry. SO funny! lol! ok. sorrry ah. hahas

Eh the rest i never type de. is i duno wat to sae. hahas. n some i noe, type u all oso wont SEE LA! so i type all these ppl that i noe will look at my blog de. hahahs! if u wan me to talk abt u den pls tell me that u got read my blog! if nt i type for hu to see? hahahas! kkz.

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