Monday, June 30, 2008

Sometimes, luff too much will cause SORETHROAT!
duno y.
guess todae luff to much.
todae.. Shar said sth make me happy ah!
"Karen.. sometimes, just sometimes u look pretty la~!"
den i gave him the shock face, cos he nv ever praise me b4.
den he sae "but nt when u eat~"
idiot! den i showed him the, one spoon stuff wif all the food n stuff it all into my mouth.
den he luffed
den after tat, back to his normal self.
said i fat n ugly. lol

todae during AT. Called the customer to plead him to do the xchange of the laptop.
Super worried he wont xchange for me.
Talk n talk, abt how pathetic i will b after deduct the money.
n how i troubled the rest of my colleagues.
but he didnt seem to be willing to xchange.
i was worried.
But later he asked me to call him back.
i called, n he talk rubbish like treat me as a fren already.
den he told me that.. " It is nt ur fault, cos u r nt the one that pass me e laptop it is a phil long hair lady."
Erm that lady is my IN CHARGE! den now she push the blame to me!
omg! but watever it is. i jus wan to settle it.
so i continue talkin to him.
Den he said " if i xchange for u. den u treat me dinner ok?"
den my thinking was "wat for i treat u dinner? it only right for u to get wat u pay wat."
but ofcos i dint sae out. i replied " erm, if u nv xchange the laptop i dun even have the money eat"
finally, he agree to xchange, he asked me to do the xchange, but i m nt the staff anymore so i cant.
but he keep remind me abt the dinner thing, shall wait n see. lol
bring sweetie n vin along~ LOL

ok! funny thing.
Saw eugene as blk 51, n he decided to take the bus wif me.
so went home together.
Reached bus stop. 74 reached as well
den i push eugene to the bus.
suddenly some1 shout : KAREN ER!
it was.. audrey lee! hahas..
she forgot return me charger la! LOL.
den it was all tangled up wif her charger n her mouse.
the bus was abt to leave.
den we keep entangling and luffing n shouting. LOL!
finally, we entangle it. lol!
dashed up the bus. lol
den inside the bus, eugene told me " eh jus now alot ppl keep look at u n audrey leh. so paiseh"
HAHAS den i cannot control n luff out. thinking of how audrey look. she was so PANICK! LOL!

den inside me.
there goes karen er again..
self-praise till eugene bth. hahahs!
den he oso self-praise back.
n he sae.. he will nv name her daughter as Karen. LOL
Karen is a nice name wat. LOL.

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