Monday, April 21, 2008

Sometimes things r just so IRRITATING!
when i start to think of the past..
den many more info is coming to my ears. hahas

mentioned abt he had a gf already.
den thats was suppose to be the end.

but todae bused home wif vin as usual, and eugene n joanne.
Eugene n Joanne r new fren i noe from camp.

Vin did some stupid action like snap shot the person behind him.
becos that guy is slping and his head is abt to touch vin. hahaha!
den he bluetooth me the pic.

ok. Back to my topic..
i fall asleep.. when vin alight.. i woke up.
den joanne and eugene still happily chatting.

den Joanne asked me sth. " eh alot ppl like u de ah? as in alot guys after u?"
den i gave her the " erm... huh?" look.
den she luff...
later she told me abt that guy which i mention is my previous post.
she said "orh.. 没有啦,我跟blahblah一样班啦。

den i sae.. "他现在也有女朋友了吗。"

den joanne"对咯。den为什么你不要接受他?他对你很专一。"
blah blah continued asking. hahhas

den keep tell me how he treat me.. blah blah blah..

hahas.. so weird..
den all i do is.. smile~ hahhas..

i think to his classmates i must be those toying his feeling de.
ARGH! sorry la!
if u happen to read this.. SORRY~
cos i noe u nth do will read my post..
if u didnt read.. at least i said sorry~ hahahhas

wish u n ur gf..en ai 4ever ah~ hahhas

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