Friday, April 25, 2008

Ok..Todae after lesson.. Went to SIM to had our dinner wif Honey..
We like gong gong la.
but she order seafood pasta. n i ordered Chicken Cream.
V.nice for both. but eat long le.. v.sian. hahahs
den go clubhouse slack...
den do work liao...
Took attendence for the Yr1s..
den help here n there..
n Saufi high already. cos can see girls! hahahs
den he drag me to acc him find his ANGEL! hahahs
den i told him"got karen ard.. stil lgot angel meh?"
den he giv me that -_- face.
he damn skinny n short..
skinner den me.. Shorter den me! hahahhahas
den changmao sit beside me ma..
den i keep self-praise. den he sae..
"erm... wenbin.. u got..... plastic................ bag?"
hahahs den i continue self-praise.. den he upgrade to GARBAGE BAG! lol lo..
den we eat 1st..
den soon the yr1 came out..
den we serve them lo...
den got to noe new frens~ hahas.
ok.. now start the disgusting part.
i noe chuanseng dun wan me keep repeat!
but.. V ER XIN LA!!!
ok.. cos alot left over..
so we play the normal game.
lose one eat.
ok.. nvm
den we went to clear the tables.
got a choc cream puff left over.
den CS wan to play..
he go add chilli into it!
damn SMELLY!
den i luff luff luff.. n pui the lime water into it!
den.. every1 scold me..
after that.. CS force my head into the choc puff..
but i strong sia.. i pushed the plate away.
but SHAR's hand kanna.. hahas
den ChuanSeng wan do it again.
i got no choice.. i spit the lime water on his face! hahahahahs
den we 2 go wash up..
he v. childish..
i go ladies come out..
he use the rubbish bin block the entrance.
den play.. cup of water.
we drink the lime water.
den.. duno y.. me n CS start to spit saliva into it..
den we sae" eh everyone or ya bei ya som. Lost one drink"
den wenbin sae"erm.. its like onli both of ur saliva. y must we play? "
den i sae" ok lo.. den we scissor paper stone.. lose one drink"
den he lost! n he dun wan drink! idiot
n he spit a super big n disgustin saliva into it.!
den i DRINK! n he see oso shock.. den he luff lff luff
n he nv DRINK!
kanna cheat!
den we all went in for prize presentation.
DEN i realise i forgot my badge outside.
so i went out.. n CS was there~
den continue talk..
Suddenly he ran away..cos alot ppl wan drag him into the lecture.
Den.. during the tym. i fast spit saliva into his drink.
when he came back.. he realise..
n he wan spit back..
but i use hand cover..
n his damn ERXIN!
he spit at my hand!!!
den i complain to honey.. when on the bus..
cos honey acc me take bus home.. hehe..
den we talk talk talk..
den i complain lo..
who noe CS fren is behind.
n he sms CS tell him..
den now.. CS scold me! hahahahhha
n saufi damn funny..
hais.. pity is dear nt wif me..
if not more FUN! i sompa!

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