Sunday, April 20, 2008

he got gf liao la.. hahahhahaha
wa. if he view my blog. sure die.

who m i.. karen leh.
wont scare de.

i think peiqi jasmine jacq they noe who i talking abt.

he view my frenster oso lo~
but he no manners de. nv leave comments.

nvm la.. its my fault oso.

always let ppl wait for me..
but always nv giv them a definate ans..
den ask them look for others.

duno y leh.
wan have bf. but the feeling is on n off de.

n now.. he really dun wan wait le..
but lucky e didnt wait oso.
if nt he really will kill me.
liddat fren oso cannot be le.

everytym talk abt guys wif my close gfs.
they will always mention his name~ hahahs
like " eh now blah blah n u how liao? "
or i sae.. " now got one guy in my mind"
den they will sae " huh~ den blah blah leh?"

now u all cannot sae liao.
nvm la~ whoa.
karen leh.. 拿得起放得下~

i duno y. i 对relationship very 看得开的。

i nid someone tat can interest me 24 hrs.
i like very evil hor.
but tats me la.

i seriously v.easy get distracted de.
plus i get close to guy more easily den to girls.

thats wat audrey said to me too~
"我觉得你跟男的很容易熟,然后会有误会。很像,blah blah and blah blah"
as in.. i v.easy closer to guys. den the guys will misunderstand.
which i think v.true.
its all my fault la.

pls.. pls pls..
drop my MR.Right right infront of me.
den i no nid think so much le.


n some1 emo lo.
told me his story.. but i cant help much..
cos i nv been through. but i noe he v. gulity n sad abt it.
if u noe who u r..
pls try ur very best to let it go.
我知道你一定会说" 你不会懂得。你不明白"
but tats all i can sae.~ =)

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