Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Audrey wan me post funny stuffs no more emo.
but i cant think of any!

todae rain super BIG AH!.
papa actually wan fetch me. cos i carrying books as well.
but my didi dun wan wake up. cos hav to fetch him as well..
its ok~ *karen evil grin*
so i brough my xiao zi.. n we happily go walk in the rain.

although drench.. but NO CHOICE LA!
presentation. cannot late...

slept on the bus.
cos ytd nite kinda late slp.
my hobby is.. EAT n SLP.
no shit. hahahs.
i noe i slp until v. ugly..
my longhair cover face.. den head sway here n there.
but i dun care! i jus wan slp!

reach liao. vin,aud,jess all there le.
den jacq oso reach
walk together lo. hahas

btw. now Yuemin fav phrase is.. " HAIS n Swee LA"
damn funny his face!
but audrey most funny! hahahs

Who jap v. strong de?
can teach me?
i wan learn jap. hahahaha!
i dun wan forever is..
so des ka, konichiwa, i wan learn more! haha
den i can communicate wif...
Hihara kazuki!

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