Saturday, April 12, 2008

got back from camp~
Seriously i didnt wan to go at all.
tired. wore off.
but.. acc my dear . so i went.

trail camp sux!
super duno most of the people.
but must work with them.
lucky got dear n wenbin.
we 3 self-entertain. HAHA
audrey super funny! always make me luff.

actual camp.
helpers already kinda bond already.
so we had alot of fun together
got to noe more ppl
like weiming n mervin.
they r totally jokers.
as in they already grad, but they came back to help.

starting was BORING!
but.. weiming did alot of stupid action
den we all high already.hahahas
his.. "bo ho clap, ho clap, mummy mummy come n see"

mervin seriously look like the female ghost paper!
i scare! hahahs
his eyes too big! hahahahas.

drawing session.
we draw alot on each other! hahahs
WenQi,WanTing,Shuianx2 all high!
den saufi drew his name wif a heart~
disgusting! hahahahs

Noe quite alot ppl.
but.. i kinda forget already! hahahs

den end of camp
went to eat wif the helpers.
Eeling, Audrey,Wenbin,Mervin n Weiming.
we walk walk walk.. but in the end go n eat weiming's fav MCDONALDS
idiot him.
keep sae he wan mac mac mac. lol
den we went there to eat.
Vincent joined us after tat.

Took cab home wif vin.
i lost my shoe BAG inside the TAXI! ARGH!
there goes my shoes n photo vcd~ idiot
suay lo.

lazy to online ytd.
todae suppose to help dad.
but he asked me to rest.
so... hahahah
tired la. so i slp more.

Watched some anime.
omg! i love Hihara kazuki!
dun wan tell u wat show leh. hahahs
his character is wat i wan! so sweet.... hehehe.
ok. end~ hungry. find food! hahahas

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