Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok~ hahahs. got mood to upload fotos..
so.. AUDREYLEE n JASMINECHOW shall die! haha...
todae lesson quite free n easy.

Ppl that noe me well.. shld noe wat kind of sound i hate e most.
n Mr Chee Wenbin always make the sound.
Lesson tym he was infront of me. den he turn his back n.. the irritating disgusting sound came out.
duno y.. i jus cried out.
thanks ah! 1st tym cry in class.

Whack him! hahahs

den yuemin start playing wif cam. so i just twist for him to take. hahash

Below is..
AUDREYLEE! hahahahahhahahahahahha
i noe u sure scold me.. but

And. let me introduce.MY sweetie!


ok~ den went to meet peiqi at amk..

suppose to me i buy clothes! but in e end she buy. hahahs..

she die die wan buy things.. hahas but i no mood shop wif a thick book n laptop wif me.

den 4.30 left amk. went home put things..

den meet laogong for 1 hr.. den go out again to meet AUDREYLEE n JASMINECHOW.

den walk to HALO BAR to meet YEP MATES. miss them damn alot!

Tadah. it is.. Win, Wenbin n HUIHUI[eugene] bday cake!

eh hui hui is i call de.. den now everyone oso call him tat. hahahs

Got Raymond around sure drink de. hahahs

n those noe me well again. shld noe i drink abit oso face super red.

so below is i drink alot le.but jasmine haven start~

The one in the middle is Jiamin.

btw~ jasmine chi name oso Jiamin

so i got 2 jiamins wif me! hahahs

n jiamin improve le! last tym she drink 1 cup oso cannot le..

now more than that! CONGRATS!

hmm.. wat we drank?

Martell lo.. Cannon~ hahahs

i seriously got to thanks Raymond, he is that one tat teach me how to drink de. hahahs

everytym got him.. i learn new thing.

Last tym is submarine, this tym cannon~ hahas wats next?

I seriously like to train up. hahas..

Although nv drunk b4, but.. wonder wats my limit. hahas

Got Wenbin Raymond sure can train de hahahs

Wenbin is get alot diff drink for me..

Raymond is train me! hahahs steady ah!

my buddy! hahahs

Drink drink drink until half.. den stop le.. cos all wan go home.

This is the last pic i took. cos hp no batt..

Wenbin is the one acc me drink de.. v. buddy.

alot more pic wif DAJIE.

got me lick ppl de la.. hahahahahA!

upload here after dajie sent me..

den took cab home wif sweetie...

todae~ meet sweetie n jessica 1st for flag day..

den we go MSQ walk ard.

saw shinyi.. YEAH! so long didnt get to see her! hahahs

she got into NYP Congrats my qing ai de.

den wenbin n audrey came oso.

den we play play play. den wan serious work le.

so me n wenbin went to one corner. hahas

He same situation wif me! hahahas

we from morning wan puke until now haven puke.

but he reali got force himself to vomit.

but i cant force! hahahs

he vomit le lo

but now.. we still can taste the martell in our throat hahaha!

nvm i xinku. but go him acc me! hahaha

i m so evil!

den 8 le return the container. den i wan go home le

but audrey jasmine n jess wan go eat..

so wenbin n i make our moves 1st...

talk rubbish lo him. but always make me luff.

other den he make me blue black all over.. he is a nice guy! hahahahhahahahaha

dun whack me pls! hahas fragile~



told weihong i nt feeling well..

n he is like guardian angel.. just appear!

tot he kidding abt at my hse void deck.. but he was really there!

super touch leh! hahahahs..

passed me orange juices n jia jia liang teh! and mint sweet.

THANKS MAN! hahahs

so sweet ah u.. hahahs..

shall name u my guardian Angel! hahahhas

this name nice?


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