Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ytd many things to blog! lol
2 hrs lesson only. Must as well dun go.
Whatever it is we went.

Me n Wenbin Acc audrey to her GE money place.
walked ard n decided to get the yoshinoya. lol..
yummy. quite sometime didnt eat le. lol.

Wanted to take train to raffles place for drey to hand in her time sheet.
But someone ah.. dun wan sae hu la [BINNY] suggested "y not we walk?"
ok lo if he noes the way.
But! on second thought he didnt want. so wishy washy guy. lol
trained to RP. handed in her stuffs.
Me n bin inside a toy shop wait for her.
DEN! we saw the STAR WAR's sword. lol
i itchy hand go n on it. den "di di di ti ti ti" the sound. PAISEH AH! lol
Went to walk ard the place jus to take bus 75.
pls lo! walk one big rd! thanks to? the wishy washy guy!
no sense of direction! HAHAS

n while walking. Drey saw this magic mirror!
seriously. if u walk pass u seem super SLIM!
not mirror la. just some pillar! HAHAS
I stand there i dun feel like leaving. lol
Audrey is jus so lame! lol

Took 75 back sch. Went for Pangkor briefing.
B4 that went Our Space to slack.
Got Karen shui, Weiyang, Joanne, Alvin n some. lol
den we go play the " how high can u jump?"
i seriously cant jump de. i duno y!
den they all start luffing.
so i jump n jump.
den bin told me " eh the ppl inside all lookin at u"
so i walk to lt 51 1st. hahas!

Reached home at 7. Tot i was late!
BUT PLS! the 4 guys r like! LATE KING!!!!
8 den meet me. lol
Yixian came 1st. super long nv get to see my this xiao di.
so catch up a bit.
n he came back his lame self.
Ytd was the ghost festvial rite?
so my void deck alot ppl burning the incense paper.
I live at 2nd level
so i asked "hmm duno those paper will fly into my hse anot?"
den xian said " will to ur bed n show the word "DIE!" [in chi].. den when u saw u will shout " MA MA!!!" den the paper "poof" burn up"
den i showed him the -_-" face. lol

Luff luff luff.
den Justin came. talk awhile
Kangquan called. He n Sam behind.
So we headed to the PASARMALAM! lol..
bought food n play ard. lol..

Xian keep luff at me! HE shall get his retribution. Every1 shld noe the volume of my hair. LOL. den xian sae.. tonite i bath. den all my hair shall drop n b bald! idiot. n keep scare me like bath n got one more hand help me bath. HAHAHAHAS.. alot lame shit from him! alot of comments AH! lol.

Sam keep saying cold jokes! WOOHOO COLD!

The one wif cap is Xian white is Justin~ lol
Xian jus cut his hair. i find it alright.. lol
but guys r luffing at him. i duno y. LOL

This is one of my buddy. Lim Kang Quan! lol.

Y his face distorted? cos sam is like saying " eh nearer la. so far"

den he tring to bang his head to mine. LAME!

Lim kang quan. emo emo. LOL

ard 9.50. they dun let me go home n watch show~ ARGH! expected. lol

Xian wanted to go home alrdy. so we acc him to the bus stop. hahas. walk walk n walk. lame lame n more lame pls! lol.. thats the 4 of them hahas.. make me luff only. Kangquan keep sae cold joke that make me cannot communicate wif him. so i ran! LOL. when xian board the bus. we went to another block cos justin meet his fren there.

While crossing the road. i forgot wat we said. n i told them "aiya.. 我一直叫他们不要看我可是他们偏偏要看。我也没办法啊。" meaning. i keep telling them dun look at me. but they insist i have no choice. LOL. WOOHOO! their reaction damn big. lol. one of them said " you stand here. dun move. let the car bang u" lol. den another sae " nono. nt here.. further down so the car can sped up n bang u. confirm die" LOL reaction nid so big meh. play play ma. lol!

Played wif them the "below waist" game. i happily whack them. cos i already trained! lol. N sam keep tryin to whack me! LA LA LA. lol.

Justin left wif his fren. So we continue sit there n chit chat. Alot rubbish la. lol.. N den. i saw cockroach. Its kangquan fav. lol he love to torture them. but me n sam detest them! lol. Den sam was tryin telling us wat cause him to scare of cockroach

AT THIS TIME!!! the flying cockroach fly n land on his shoulder!!! LOL! i shouted " AH!! COCKROACH ON U!" den i jump off the seat barefoot n ran 2 a safe place. Sam jump off as well n started jumping on the spot! I COULDNT STOP LUFFING! Till i teared! lol. Sorry samuel but SUPER FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHA i saw it wif my own eyes how it fly on u! HAHaS.

ard 12 plus. u noe u noe the month so i went home. Like usual they sent me till my door step! my 2 super buddies! thanks!!! lol...

Quan n Sam at the COCKROACH void deck! HAHHA! N sam is looking through my purse n he took out everything LOL!

SAMUEL LEONG! the one that cockroach loves! LOL!

Me wif quan cap. cos u noe. we walked ard the area. so sweat.When i sweat means head got alot of hole. LOL so wear cap cover! LOL

Reached home. bath super fast! cos i fear of xian's 3rd hand! LOL.
i waited till 1.30 for my hubby show. but i cannot take it. n went to slp.
Saw one msg. "eh tc hor. dun go out late late this mth. " wa! scared ME!
plus this number i nv saved de.
LOL. which turned up to b my oyster pie. LOL he use another num. CHEY! lol
thanks oyster!

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