Wednesday, August 27, 2008

After my long post.. this shall be the next long one.
SIAN RITE! hahahahhas..

idiot. if sian u all dun come n READ!
*ANGRY KAREN!* lol..
kiddin la. w/o u all read.. i m NTH! lol.
stupid hor. lol. no la.

Ok. 24th which is sunday. was my beloved daddy bday!
he suggested to go Turf City n eat seafood.
bday boy opps no. bday MAN said so. of cos die die must go.

n its my KOR KOR drive!its his 1st tym!
sompa. i shivered along the way.
v.v.v. scary!!! lol.
when i was about to relax and start chit chat wif mum
dad shout " EH WATCH OUT THAT CAR"
whoa. i straight away look ard me. heng nth happened!

25th.. my DARLING SS go china for 42 days leh!
omg. wanted to meet her b4 she go china
but.. her family want her. wat can i do. lol
wait for her online n msn wif her. hahas

sorry darling nv go sent u. u noe too early. i bth! HAHHAS

ard 10 plus meet audrey go sch for the pangkor meeting.
mr max there oso.. hahas lucky no torchlight if not he high..

bin ask me b the assistant helper. i anything de. so ok lo.
den 5th nid to go back sch for a so called training? LOL

den 8th yeah go PANGKOR! lol
hope no sunburnt PLS!!! lol..
hope have fun.
aiya.. got alvin. weiyang. vin. bin. yijie they all sure noisy de la.
how to have fun. HAIS!
REGRETS! y must they go!!! lol.
go there dun drink. cos they all dirty dirty! hahahs
no la..
got my buddy bin n vin leh.
opps later they anyhow. LOL..

oh. the china trip alot ppl sad.
noe y?
alvin de wl. go china.
bin de u noe. go china
vin de u noe go china.
so many. hahahs..
dun sad..
let karen jie jie entertain u all! LOL
opps. alvin older! hahahhas

After that go bugis wif audrey. hahas...
n she go buy present for. ... ....

tml onwards goin IT fair le..
working wif Bin n Drey.
hahas hope time pass faster. lazy to work actually.
but karen have to yang herself.
hope she get married soon.
b rich tai tai! LOL.

if kaiyang come n find me at the IT FAIR.. i will kick him AWAY!

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