Friday, August 22, 2008

HAHA! this is reali funny
everyone is like using blog to vent anger!

be it ME myself, Jasmine sweetie, Jacqualine, Yue min
or any others that i left out~

this is definitely a hectic week!
FUN rite? lol.

just find it funny la.
everyone got own feelings toward a certain thing.

insenstive towards ppl?
talkin w/o knowing u hurt someone?

aiya who dun have?

Todae was chatting with vin.
den he sae " y master heck care skill? master another skill la"
"next tym if gt ppl scold u.. u smile.. n sae " ya i m like that" " hahas
make me lufF! if i kenna whack.. thanks to vin! lol

n bryce..
"eh now i noe ur blog oso aiming ppl"
dne i reply " ya ah.. nt happy jus sae lo"
den he PRINT SCREEN n post on his blog for a sentence i said!

eh. the world is like that.
u will nv noe when u b the next one that every1 detest.
who noes, the next sec i will b the one?

its like.. ppl always tot i m the mastermind for everything n anything
hahahs. SO suay pls!
but like wat audrey sae
"xin den zheng , zuo den zheng"
so. nvm~

aiya. dun blog abt all these le!
hehe. will change my mood!!

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