Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MY darling todae online! n she angry tat i nv chat wif her..

nt my fault i put busy eh... but she v. considerate de la..
i noe!
cos i love her so much! she can sense it de..

after that she suggested Video conference..
But.. my webcam spoilt. nvm.. i can see her.! lol

n she chat chat chat! WOOHOO!! i miss her voice... miss her gossip!!!
n of cos.. our everynite heavenly! LOL
cannot heavenly wif VIV ok.. onli me! lol

MY darling jealous.. sae i dun care for her.. but she jealous make her so cute!

OMG! i oso same as audrey.. print screen msn! HAHAS bUT FUN! lol

OK THIS guy name peter IS THE JOKER of the dae. MAKE ME luff!!
hahahahhahas.. he v.v.v. dumb can! hahas..
can see wat he said? lol. i said: "alot ppl mistaken u as malay rite? tired rite?"
den he reply " YA! den i go buy food.. den the aunty ask me . eh boy. got pork can anot?"

n now.. he scare i blog him out.. so trying to explain! TOO LATE PETER!

he said that i was the most.... ... in the....mde camp... hahas..
ok la. dun let the other girls whack u.HAHAHAS
but. funny eh. whoa.

n someone name weihong.. nt gd! he sick n dun wan offline.. hahahs.
hope he headache until head burst!! lol

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