Friday, August 22, 2008

Read someone blog n make me feel super angry.
if u ownself dun wan to make an effort and go sch.
Pls dun expect others to stay and teach u.
pls show that u r willing to learn b4 u wan others to teach you.
if u r giving others the signal of :" oh i heck care of my studies"
den how u expect others to teach you. there is jus NO POINT.

Lecturer offer extra lessons.
If you dont noe how to do, den y didnt i saw u there at the extra lesson?
What do u expect when u urself didnt even wanna learn?
N now.. pushin blame on others stating no1 willing to teach u.

When u asked me if i can teach you.
the prob is.
i dun even noe how to do.
believe or not up to u.
i already decided nt to care abt u.
i tried but u shoved ppl away.
wat u blogged is jus make me feel so hurt.

stating us selfish.
N U!
wat abt u?
have u ever tot or even reflect on urself?
u r just living in ur own world.
having the concept of others left u out.
or even no1 care for u, lonely.
Seriously.. if u r always so emo.
who dare to talk to u?
honestly sometimes i talk to u. i m jus so afraid that u will suddenly flared up.

Let see..
one week, i think i onli saw u twice or less?
the rest? whr r u?
nt feeling well? dun feel like coming? feeling left out?
i duno.

i saw your blog. my anger jus cannot control anymore.
Thats jus so irresponsible of u.
pushing blame n expect wat?

when we self study jus whr r u?

to be honest, i didnt even revise.
nt i dun wan to help u or wat.
even if i revise, i oso duno how to do.

i went for the extra lesson twice.
n twice, i didnt see u.

pls. get this clear.
nt just staying at home, shouting for last min help, at home scolding those that didnt help u.
does by doing all these will let u get 'A' for ur module?
whr is ur action?
cant u go sch earlier n approach those that noe?
n when u asked for help tat day, its already nite time.
who can acc u study till morning with ur last min request?
even if u wan help, pls notify ppl earlier.

for once i said everything out.

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