Friday, August 22, 2008

I guessed..
my life is like controlled by wat all my fren thinks.

Like wat u sae, wat u blog will affect my temper tremendously.
trying to master the skill of,
"See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil"
and the long lost skill of,
"Heck Care, Don't Care, Child Care."
hahas lame.

But lucky me. i very fast recover! hahahas.

ok. todae is the paper for CA.
its the END! lol. duno even noe can get 10 marks anot. lol!

Lim Gao Wen called me. i told him that i was havin the revision for CA.
n he replied " CA! so easy"
idiot. to him easy la. but to me. its like mission impossbile! lol

i ytd tried to revise, but holiday mood affect me. lol
i was watching show all the way.

morning 5.30 woke up. but went to walk ard, disturb lil bro n breakfast.
settle down, did some papers.
den bath! lol.

meet wenbin n go extra lesson again.
the extra lesson r USELESS! lol
the paper is like ALIEN PAPER!
"Hello.. pls speak eng/chi/cantonese to me! "
i jus anyhow scribble some formulaes.
hope can get some marks. lol

After that, went to amk hub to get the food.
Audrey, Jasmine, Jessica, Bryce, Ernest and me.
chop chop buy food den head down to Andy's hse.
Shar was there wif his beloved.

Started bbq-ing.
but like not much fun! hahas.
i prefer sit down n chit chat. hahas.
Sambal PRAWN best! lol.

den Vin came, wenbin nt coming.
he eat n eat n eat like?
PIG! lol.

den abit bored,
so went home. hahas
before 11 reach home. SAVED!

anyways. i dream of me.peiqi ervina n wenbin went for a function or sth liddat.
den got "DING DONG"
lol. a army guy w/o head appear in my dream
scary pls!

shall slp soon! tired!!

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