Monday, September 29, 2008

Todae 5 plus some1 wake me up!!!
thx ah. hahas..

den went to wake lil bro up for a mini test for his EOY!

Todae before meet Airen.
i went to the dental clinic.
i wan teeth whitening! AH! lol..
its tym for me to sae "BYE BYE! " to my yellowish teeth. lol

But oso tym for me to sae "BYE BYE" to my MONEY!
AH! lol..
now wait for my teeth mould to arrive.

Meet airen at AMK. bought stuffs for her pre sch kids.
den we went to her house n slack...
soon her mum reach home.
wow her mum cooking looks like nt bad eh. Make me hungry. hahas!

den went to heartland mall to walk ard.
Duno y we went to the coffee shop super early. when we noe that the two guys will DEFINITELY LATE!!!
hahas they pattern.
n they r...

We went to slack 1st. sit down n chit chat. lol.

den later they said they reaching. so we went to the actual coffee shop.
but who noes they still LATE!
so waited.. Junhao came 1st den followed by the late king Choonhao.Slave.

Sit down started to eat. hahas.
den i stoned. HAHA sorry eh. lol..
n Airen luff at every things Junhao said. HAis!

den Ch left for other frens. PS KING! hahas.
Junhao better! hahahas..

ok tml junhao goin for his Msia trip
HAVE FUN! lol..
n tml Airen havin the children days celebration. Hope those kids love the presents! lol

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