Monday, October 06, 2008

HAHAS.. tym to update i supposed.

kk.. Sat went out wif ex-working friends.
Meet Sheila 1st at cityhall mrt. We went to look for Shinyi n Wenbao.
Shinyi haven knock off.. so the 3 of us went to chit chat at one corner.

After that.. we went to Orchard to wait for Angeline..
We went outside TAKA to chill 1st.
We saw a HE-SHE! lol. n worst.. She is posing infront of us n expect us to look at her.
HE-SHE dress up in total black~ omg! wan to vomit but obviously she is a AH-GUA! lol
Guess she is interested in WenBao! HAHAHA!

Went to look for Amy at Lucky Plaza.. She acc us to walk to Swensen.
den we took grp foto there...
When we come to sent a representative to que-up. We will all look at the only man. Wenbao! hahahs pathetic eh! lol..

So ShinYi,Sheila,Angeline n Wenbao plus me. the 5 of us went to eat n chit chat..
we practically chat abt almost everything except politics.
F1, Bus journey funny jokes, Sch life, Holidaes, Ex-work life, IT Fair.. Blah blah blah
too much to mention!

We sat there till 4plus am. Those Swensens staff dont even serve us anymore. hahas!
Orchard areas seems to be those illegal car racers favourite.
"Zoom..Broom..Zoom.." -Crashes.. kidding-
But well we enjoyed watching their races.

The 5 girls~

Amy said :"let's bend down n accommodate Angeline's height" LOL! Me wif Amy n Sheila~
The MSQ Giordano ppl! Wenbao shld feel honoured to take pic wif us! LOL
Went i reached home. Big Bro haven reach home yet. So i went to bathe.
Went i went into my room, i heard the some1 openin the door.
At the tym my house was totally dark. So i was standing in between his room n mine.
He didnt saw me!
so i talked to him " Hor hor! so late den reach home!"
den he jumped up! i luff v. long! LOL! stupid him..

Sun. Next morning went to dad office to help out. Seriously nv slp much~ hahas..
Lil bro went too, so instead of working, mum wanted me to teach him. But he went ard the factory n play. Hais! Den Went J8 wif family except Big Bro.

Todae! Monday~

Meet Vin at 11.30am. Went to Woodlands meet Alvin.
Bth Vin n Me was totally famished~ so we went to grab a bite.
Alvin went home to change. -_-"
So the 3 of us meet again n went to meet Weiyang.
Took bus to meet Bin.

Hais. Alvin v.stupid. too easy to prank. He reali belive i ran n fall down so one of my teeth drop out~ lol.. Ok u ownself said u can detect my lies. Try Harder! lol

We went to Turf City to collect Car. But some prob cropped up.. So we managed to get the car at 4pm. Whoa.. lol.. Meanwhile we went to walk ard n eat.. lol.

So 2 driver. Mr. Chee WenBin n Mr.Alvin Chan.
Weiyang n I hopped to Bin car.
Vin wif Alvin Car..

Went to sch to fetch the rest.
They are... Jacintha, Jiaying, Joanne, ZhiYun, Yijie n Ben. Total 11! hahas.

Wat can i sae... Bin Drive too fast.. Alvin drive okok.

Reached Alvin house to get sth.
Vincent wanted to Change car seating.
So i went over to the smokers car. Luckily they nv smoke. lol.
So the smoker car consist of Alvin, Yijie , Ben Weiyang n Me.
We were opening a concert! hahas. v. fun. sing n sing..

but there is this SCARY PART!.
I said " eh alvin u dun wan take foto meh?"
alvin told yijie "eh ya hor take foto"
*Yijie taking out hp.*
*alvin tryin to b like Jay. One hand driving*
den suddenly his pattern come out..
he said " eh.. show u all.. NO HAND!"
the car became unstable..beside was a big truck!!!
Karen, WeiYang n Ben " AH!!! AH!!!!!" shouted! hahahahhas

They sent me home cos tonite MAMA cooking! how can i missed that pls!
N they went chomp chomp to eat n finally go airport for my DARLING n The rest! woohoo

Karen in Bin car~ LOL

The girls.. Thx to Vin for this foto~ lol

While waitin for those girls..

Look at Ben n Yijie, the like those illegal drug offenders dealing in the car~ LOL

Me n Bin. Whoa thanks god i m safe n sound~ LOL KIDDIN BUDDY!

Todae my DARLING IS BACK!!! Miss her miss her! muacks muacks!

N Thx for all the help for me n audrey ONLINE SHOP!

BUT pls continue to advertise more? HAHA!

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